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Friday, September 30, 2011

bye Sep.

Title says it all.

I have no idea what to blog but i just feel like blogging at the last day of September and on a Friday night. I should say almost every Friday nights i tend to stay alone in my messy room, do things that i shouldn't be doing, spend time on the same thing and just look at the books without getting a thing into my mind. O well, that's me I guess.

So I booked my ticket to go back Msia. In fact, I was so excited to go back at first but after i got it I'm like nothing even happened. Anyway, go back to the past I see nothing. Two months ago I asked her about my future and she said I still have plenty of time yet after two months all i got from her as a teacher was "you should have planned all these earlier! you're in year 12 and you dont even have your own goal yet!" My reaction was as usual - STARED. There's nothing much i can do i guess. As I grow older and older the time tend to tick faster and faster and it will never stopped. Is it simple or complicated? I got complicated now. :x

Let's see...
I have been working so hard with my photography portfolio and finally...
I'm done with it and hopefully I will get 'em printed in photography condition.
DARK ROOM! Imma come and visit you soon. :)

a sneak peek for the viewers of what was I working on for the last few months.
Light bulbs, lava lamp and lights. :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

the day we got wasted and cam whore.

The first sleepover I ever organised in NZ and it was great. So the second day after mocks finished and almost the same people came to my place and planned to get a wasted night. Talk about the first day right after the mocks, I remembered we all went to karaoke which was the asian's love as always. There were 7 of us and we got high in da middle of da street and trynna do some random shits in Starbucks while there were more than 50 people. oh well! a part of teenage life anyhow. *Starbucks instead of drinking* Got back around 12 and I satisfied with it. :)

Continue with the second night, Thursday and no school on Friday. *woohoo* The girls came to my place around 8 and we started our lovely chat about everything and everyone. :D Guess it shouldn't be named as a sleep over in fact we didn't actually sleep. I mean they did but not me and Selina. Both of us just tended to chat whole night and non-stop until William wakes up off to school. lol.

Guess now is the time to let the photos do the talking.

*while they were chatting I shouted "cheese!" and they squeezed in. :) *

they are lovely. :D

We got crazy anyhow. :3

after the energy we got noodles as supper or maybe dinner i guess. :)
there were delicious but a lil too salty thanks to "Lydia"

waiting water to be boiled.

Aliens in da house. ewwwww


Woke up around 10 then off to McD for breakfast. :)
We were hyped! 

ALIENS everywhere. heheee
please ask 'em to go back to mars.

I'm done with a photo post and if you're my weekly viewer,
you would definitely know it has been ages since I last blog something like this and I used to do it at least twice a week before. :x
As the time goes, people change. lazier , uglier, fattier and more dumb.

Allow me to give you a shock! :D
I dont give a damn with my imagine anymore. :p

teehee. :D

Somebody got wasted and the photo is secretly in my phone. :3

Saturday, September 17, 2011


There it just passed. Finally, I have finished my mocks exam and thank God I actually finish it although i know the result will be real crappy. Let's just say I did not even start to study until the night before an exam. As a result i failed most of my paper. So call a mock would not effect on my life I suppose. I remembered i did almost the same thing last year and i was way easier than this year. In fact, I really dont know what is going on with the school. those subjects just cant treat me as well as last year. well well well. this is just life isn't it.

Look at this photo:


a messy bed with a mess of dumb refill.

This photo clearly shows you i actually worked hard in my last paper which is Sociology yet all i got back the result was !@#$%^(*&. I dont even wanna take a real look with it. I feel like I just dont tend to give a damn with what is going to happen and this is so not good. :(

Sunday, September 11, 2011

laugh, love, smile and we are family.

4th of September. 
it was father's day and i remember when my dad first said he was going to come i was so excited and i can't even stop smiling. :) to be honest, it has been few months since i last saw him and overall within a year I didn't get to see him for more than a month. how sad is that. anyway. just before the day he leave NZ and off back to M'sia was father's day. We actually didn't celebrate Father's Day with him for about two years and i can see how a dad actually need love from the family. Well, now let the photos do some talking due to the broken English I have.

 Red velvet cake with dark chocolate toppings

look how cute is my dad. :3
he's the cutest man ever. <3

anyway, imma off to study.
Eco tomorrow and i can't wait till Wednesday so i can get my freedom back at least for 2 weeks. :D
imma fight you!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

these ain't right.

K. I'm done trying like totally.

So after today, four more weeks until mocks and I am totally stuck with economic, art history and sociology. 3 out of 6. just damn. a moment like this will never let me have a break. within these two weeks of schooling, i think i did not even get an average sleep hours for a day. As in today I slept for 10 hours like finally. I love Friday, it allows me to sleep away the sadness, stress and worries until Saturday. For hell's sake, if you wake up with a really good mood but it all being ruined due to one reason. Two women in the house having menstrual at the same time. Today, I finally realize how could it be when it happens. The arguments over the little things, the what the fck look from both of them make me feel like shit.

Today's routine was just the same as how every Saturday was. awake, eat, slack, homework, fluffy's bath time, slack, homework, work then eat, bath, slack, homework, and time for some sweet sleep. Compare to weekdays, i prefer weekdays.. wake up, school, lunch, real short nap, slack, homework, dinner, slack, homework and bath then homework and sleep. Almost everyday weekdays i did that unless i get to go out. To be honest, i am broke.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

this life is getting harder to get used to. Things are so much different then how it were. I miss the old times when I just worry about nothing and do whatever I want even though I am not suppose to do so. There were memories, I wonder how are things going on back there. The people, the place, the weather and the everything. Sometimes, I choose not to care but when I'm trying my best not to care there will be someone coming out and remind me of those little things. It is alright, perhaps things will be okay when time goes by. :)

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