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Friday, January 15, 2010

we loved before we met .

we loved ; is the pass .
we met ; is the pass .

Thursday ; 140110 , ' his birthday . '
woke up in the morning nearly afternoon .
Then switched on the computer played and had my breakfast and lunch .
around 3 or 4 I had bath and prepare to tuition .
before tuition went to Hoe's house again .
then waited the time to pass then sis fetched go tuition .
after tuition went back to hoe's house to take photos again .
after took we went to Queen's park with them ;
Harry , Quan , William , Carmen , Hoe and I .
at first Kah Yan gonna follow but she decided to go back home to study for her exam .
so left us .
On the way me and Quan did these !

Me . <3
Quan . <3

we ate sushi king !
it sucks !
Carmen .
Harry ' Lady Gaga' ; Hoe ; Carmen .

I suppose to be that too but 'cause of hoe's skills it doesn't work . XD

then dessert time !
Baskin Robbins .
I paid for it OMG !!!
for 5 person ...
awww . my money has goneeee . =X

I end the day with fun and english in my mind !
I gonna attend the farking course tomorrow i hate the couch so damn much !
I don't wanna attend it hope it rains tomorrow .
' Bless me , pleaseeeee '

ends .

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