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Saturday, October 22, 2011

less than 20 days.

let's speak out the truth.

Exam starts on the 10th and guess there isnt much time left...
I dont wanna do a countdown 'cause i know when i do it i will get real stress and doing more shitty stuff. im gonna b so fucked up if i really dont start my revision now. I dont get how can my time table be so like a mess. first two days then math then the last two days i got two papers. OMFG, like seriously do you have to do this to me?! To be honest, within this holiday i only spent one day to do my english, math revision. other than that, my folders are all staying at the same place. :x

Frankly, I dont know what happen to me... time pass by and all i left is the laziness dragging me around. like today... I spend my time on sleep, tv and musics. Doing these shits cheer me a little but when the exam approach I gonna be so dead and stress out. I knew it but i dont know why... nobody will understand me in a moment like this. - misery, fckedup, mindfucked and all shitty feelings just come to me. :X

I can't do it. This time is harder than any time I used to be in. It has the right to affect my future and it sucks. Nobody is pulling me up when I'm drowning so badly... the time table I made is so UGH!

I wake up every morning and I say to myself, - 
"just leave the memories behind and everything will be just fine."
yet, I didn't mean it at all.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

matha eff-er.

I have no idea what was I posting in da previous post!
Life has been so hard and I miss having people that would go through the ups and downs with me at anytime.

10 years.
Time flies.
Now I realized how much we have grown and changed.
to better or worse? nobody knows. :x

time to sleep and work hard tomorrow peeps.

have a great night dolls. :D

An idea.

*ignore this post if you hate bullshits*

Holiday has been gone for about 7 days, 9 days to go till this holiday ends then school for one and a half week then NCEA starts. I have a plan before this holiday yet I didnt actually follow it. The only thing I have followed was get my Learner done and hell to the yes! I've passed my Learner license. :) 

Anyway, let's talk about some other shits now. As people know there's always an idea behind everything, not matter what it is. Well for me I think behind a design there's always an idea that can not be explained. It will be explained until the artist say it out by him/herself.


I dont know why am I saying this but I used to think I was born for a reason or maybe an idea to deliver. People say I look like my dad and I really dont think I do. In fact, i thought i was meant to be someone like my dad but not physically. Until this holiday I realize who I really am in this family. A supportive member? A maid? A family that being used? An unknown? or maybe someone who related to you but you have no idea what's the truth of being born in a family. PHEW! I'm out of the topic maybe I shouldn't have talk about it.

ANYWAY! Imma get myself up and face the fact. The time is ticking away and there's not much time left which mean it is now the time to appreciate and do whatever is good for yourself but not for others. Sometimes, whoever you think they are nice; they are not but there are some exception. hmm...

OH WELL! time for some release and get your nerve prepared! :)

just realized this is my first photo which I smile without showing my braces. :)
guess is not that bad for you! :x


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Songs that never get old are hard to find. Yet I found two albums that I will never press the stop button.

Firstly, 李佳薇 a Malaysian that win星光7班 and just released her album [感謝愛人]. This album include 10 songs and truly 10 of them are amazing. She has a voice that I will never get over with. I'm so gonna get her album when i got back to M'sia for sure. 
Highly recommend you to listen to 分隔線 and 大火. She sings so well and I can honestly say every time i listen to her live through video all you can feel is that moment when your goosebumps stand straight up eventually.

分隔線 live by  李佳薇

Besides, another album that I cant get enough with is 4 by Beyonce. Honestly, at first i think this album is kinda crap but after when you listen her song one by one it catches your ears.
I dont understand how she can actually dance so hard out when she's pregnant and she's gorgeous no matter what. Tell me who wouldn't sing her song when you're in karaoke. For me at least you have to sing two of her songs if not it doesnt count as karaoke. :X
In this album, I love a song named "I Was Here" and I can never go near the stop button. She's a great singer and she can do anything! Sing, dance, act and even her life is so happy with Jay-Z . :) *ootyrramretfaxes* heheee

This is a good song too! 
Just press play and you will never b regret w. it! :)

Anyway, gotta off and study for tomorrow's test now.
Hope you guys enjoy listening to musics and as we know music will never get enough in our life! :)


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