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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm ready to leave this place .

Dust Day !
is Tuesday ,
and my mum said was time to clean up the things to New Zealand .
so today I helped my mum tape all the boxes ,
my sis helped to count the weight of all the boxes and my bro just sat infront of the computer maple - ing !
damn unfair !
However , i did played the computer for some posts .....

there are over 10 boxes in my house waiting for the lorry come and
post it to New Zealand but haven include the furniture .

I was thinking what should i have for my bed .
'cause my sis is drawing those huge bed for herself which call as ' gong zhu quang '
and I think i should get a coffin bed to sleep inside !
I need to draw a demo for my dad's friend to do it !
any ideas ??

* spot the shoe . *
fill her with colours and musics .

' carmenpang , this is just the same shoe you had
but the thai's boy help me to draw this on i chose it ! '

the button ring for ' you '!
the small little chocolate bracelet for Quan .

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