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Saturday, July 31, 2010

be the class protector .

wants to be the one
still is far apart and can't really reach it
by now .

Today was awesome !
Went to Dress Smart to get some clothes for the home stay and yet we bought tons ! The reason why is 'cause Levi's was having sales and it's cheap until you can't imagine which is "buy 1 get 1 free!" whatever is in the store are all buy one get one free ! Even you bought a 200bucks jean the other pair you are getting is FREE ! Isn't it worth to get two pairs ? Well, I did so ... the result is two pairs of Levi's jeans , a jumper of Hollister , a shorts of CottonOn which cost 5bucks ONLY and nothing else I think ?

Let me be the the sale girl and tell you how cheap were the stores sell stuff ;-
Levis and Glasson were buy one get one free ,
Canterbury was 30% off ,
Puma 50% off which 12 bucks for a jumper ,
CottonOn nothing over 20bucks ,
Nike buy first pair for original price then 2nd item is half price ,
Addidas is 50% off ,
Fila's socks only cost 10 bucks 4 pairs ,
JustJeans with 30% off,
Ralph Lauren 50% off which only cost 39 bucks for all Polos in the store and
tons of shops were having sales I just can't finish the names .

I love shopping with my family but sometimes just got so frustrated with it 'cause of the sale stuff ! ;X was like too much and can't really know what to get ... anyway, I missed the one shop !!!! Lacoste , we were in rush back to fetch someone and have dinner . We bought clothes so as the home stay . ;)

After fetching someone then back home had bath , heading to Takapuna have dinner in BBQ Duck Cafe i think ? was where Karen works is pretty cheap and alright to me . After blowing water , talk craps then home sweet home and facing the computer !

The night was dark and left me in the study room and click through their profiles refreshed the memories of mine with them .

Wondering what's the best memories you had in your life ?

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