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Friday, July 9, 2010

Fall for you.

hell !
It's holiday, she text-ed me and call me out at the last minute . I though of going out but ended up with nothing when I saw that text is already 0139am . However, woke up at 11 something (that's pretty late tho.) . Woke up from my sis's knock knock , just because we need to go out and have a meal at Takapuna - Ba Shu Feng . This restaurant sell different types of noodles with 3 difference tastes ; small, medium and big . It's all in spicy but it is just to let you choose which type is your taste . For us we like to order medium and with 1 small , we spent the day with aunty May and uncle Ben again . after half an hour James' and Vanessa came with their mum too . We were just enjoying eating and pretty sorry to ignore the chatting .

After the meal, spent some time and walk around those Korean shop and got nothing . It's pretty good to hear that which can save my money ! I left like around 60bucks in my account and I have no idea where I spent the others in . I need to save more money to get
more accessories, some new shiny things instead of those skulls ;
more sneakers, for the one I love and for myself ;
new wallet; think my current one is was pass retirement ;
maybe a DSLR ?

Not gonna think more about saving money, I will get like 50 bucks just for a month but in M'sia is RM200 per month and it increases sometimes . Even though, the 'income' I'm getting is lesser than last time but this can help me control myself not to spend too much ? orhh, Carmen's friends came to our house today and they're totally crazy about my bro's playstation chair . Even I want that chair it's got the adjustment of bass from the speaker and the super nice system of it ! OMFG !!!

orhh, tomorrow gonna have a party and it would be pretty messy tomorrow so what I should be besides keep clicking the 'F5' button with the facebook page ?

click the photo to enlarge it and you will see the sentence of
'Insert finger into one of the holes in the sponge , rotate and remove .'
This suppose to be a solution which can quickly remove all traces of nail which is a nail polish .
It's pretty funny when my sis read it to me ?
*I'm not dirty minded tho.*

I seem to have sunk into a melancholic mood again. *sigh*

Thank you , Xuan
for everything just don't know why but still thanks and I MISS YOU !!!

I'm glad you came to me and say hi ,
I appreciate that .

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