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Saturday, July 3, 2010

hell yeah, I hate you !

Day was dark and I felt my heartbeat in my chest .

Walking down the street to school , the day was tik-tok - ing really slow . I was wondering am I in my dream or in the real life ? When I was in interval I though it's already lunch time but it's not ! I had my acc test it was awful , I got empty in my head and can't even concentrate 'cause I have no idea what to do with it in the Income Statement ! ==
Hell yea, am so gonna get a N this time but it doesn't worth credits so I think there's nothing to let me worry about . hmm, people have got their reports of the term and I haven got it AGAIN ! the school system got problem so I can't get it . However , I got home my bro showed his to my mum and my mum was asking me where was mine and I told her teacher hasn't got mine yet so I don't have it , if you don't believe you can call to school . All she replied was 'don't ever though I won't dare to call to school.' the answer in my mind was well you dont believe your daughter huh ? FINE !

If you really know me well , you will notice that I don't like people blame on me and say that I can't be trusted with these things . Although , I know sometimes I was pretty straight just to tell the truth out to anyone and was blaming others when there's some problem form . Ont he other hand, I think I've change enough just to keep everything to myself and also blaming myself of everything but not by anyone else .

random ;
I used up my time just to protect myself but still you pocked in just let me feel sad . I think I'm not that strong just to face the fact . In fact , every girl desire the good of love and the feeling of hugs but they are just fear of being loved 'cause there's always an exception like being hurt by the love ones .

it's the graphic calculator and
yea , I use it for my everything .

I stand until the 2 just to meet some of you guys up but all i got was NKG and WJF which is totally away . Holiday start today and I gonna spend my time in computer wait wait wait and wait ! Besides that , all i will do might be chat , shop and also eat ? XD
the chubby called me to exercise but it's just too cold . =X

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