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Saturday, July 3, 2010

I love my sexy stud .

First day of holiday ! I enjoy staying at home the very first time .
Woke up and ate my breakfast and used up 2 hours to do housework , pretty weird to hear that right ? Well , after the 2 hours I spent my time on fb and also the cutest show -
aint' he adorable ?

The show play non-stop for 6 hours and yet I fb-ing while watch him with the little Patrick and Gary the cat/snail ! =) Also the money lover ,Mr.Krab , if i'm not wrong with the name . I'm not that big fans of him tho but my friends love him so I got impacted by them with this little square sponge . orhh, I forgot to mention that my sis went out and my bro went out left my mum and I stayed at home doing things like 'these' . Sis went out with her friends party so as my bro of cause with different people but still it's pretty weird that I stayed at home doing nothing . I spent my day with my sexy stud ! The new name of him and he named me as Romeo , pretty weirdo but still we love each other ! I appreciate he spent his time on me today . =)

Some random stuff if you dont mind just scroll down and look at my pretty fast with two different mustache ! =)
If you were fb-ing you will find I post something in my wall photo and this is the result of it !
This is just what I will do when I'm totally bored at home . =)

This is just what I will do when I'm totally bored at home . =)
*ignore* if you want to ?

Twitter's topic ;

#whatgirlswant when you see me walking, sneak up and hug my waist from behind.
#whatgirlswant when you see me start crying, hold me and tell me everything will be alright.
#whatgirlswant When I don’t call you, its because i’m waiting for you to call me

I know you are totally with it ! =)

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