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Thursday, July 8, 2010

there's a distance between everything .

Need some pill just to calm down .
I was planning to update my blog yesterday but I used all day night just to help my blog to change it's clothes . This skin took me 2 hours to finish before this I was planning to use another but it doesn't work that well 'cause I need to put tons of ads, picture and loves in my blog so I decided to change in the last minute . Ended up with no post updated but a new clothes on ...

I watched yesterday's 'war' - Germany vs Spain . Most of the people in fb are all supporting Spain and twitter are Germany . The funniest thing I did was I slept in the lounge just to get myself prepare to watch the 'war' 'cause it showed around 0630am . I slept around 2 , took my iPod let it shuffles with my 'loves' playlist . Music played , it brought my mind relax and though of tomorrow yet I slept and my alarm woke me up . Watched the 'war' , first part was pretty normal but the second part is just 'woohoo !!' . last 9 minutes I feel like speechless , Germany don't even have a chance to get a draw and I decided go and sleep !

Woke up around 8 by my bro . He saw me and he's like 'wth? did you really sleep here yesterday?' and I was like 'yea, I was super serious last night.' He just can't believe I got so busy with this 'war' . However, we went out to St.Luke today with the same old people . First to a restaurant and eat some noodles which it's in sweet taste 'I prefer my mum's cooking more than that.' After lunch went to WestfiledMall, St.Luke to shopping all I got was a ring which cost 10bucks but I love it !!! Not only that I saw a ring which fits 2 finger and itis with a 'cicak' full of bling bling ! The shop named Lovisa ; it's awesome way more prettier than Diva !
*click here to see the ring I said!*

After shopping at there , went to NewLynn which is a shopping mall but I don't really like it but I bought a hoodies with an Elmo face in red and a scarf ! After shopping went to a restaurant which taste pretty good all food in a pot with those bitter stuff . Lastly, went back to home nearly 6pm ? Day was pretty good I need more money !!!! ;X

Sorry, heaven is your life I don't deserve to go there and have fun with you .

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