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Sunday, July 18, 2010

you broke my heart into pieces .

hell, time really flew.
holidays are ending soon; so must my self-denial.
now's a really bad time to start reading fan-fiction again.
you know all my histories .

Day was totally alright,
woke up and went to have my brunch . After that went to get something for tomorrow's things which is school snack ! I CBF with school tomorrow . I want extra holiday and I want my dad to come right now ! I can't for the 5 more months, I wanna go back so badly and I wanna meet new people in here , please . I dont wanna spend my holiday just like this . It's totally boring without someone like friends ?

Well, I think holidays are just like money; you waste them in a small amount and in the end you will realize everything has gone !

am so gonna face the truth tomorrow . The 3rd term, and I need help with everything again ... I miss holiday even tho i'm still in but after 45 minutes it will back into normal and my hope all doesn't go well at all .

you're my junk and draft !

I believe I should face the truth;
people don't have the responsible to miss you
when you're far apart - J.

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