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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I wish i could

so I can go back whenever I want .

The story start with ?
Let it be whatever it wants . Sunday market in Takapuna , Carmen bought 6 can of Coke for 30 bucks which is 100th anniversary but it has opened before and there are some scratch on it . She was hyper about the cans . After walking in there we went to eat BuShuFeng ... For my dad is a crap for us were awesome I think ? He just doesn't like how they cook and the way we said about the food . Anyway, after the brunch went to Mission Bay visit aunty Pauline and uncle Alan . The old buddies of my dad and they chatted for like two to 3 hours .

After that we went to ASB Show Ground to have a look with the Food Show . A place where you pay 22 bucks in and tasting all food you like ! There are spicy , sweet , bitter , sour and salty food as you like . We test lots of stuff and the stomach was filled full with cold and hot food . Just weird about it ! X; Bought lots of food and tested lots of food and drank tons of alcohol . I saw something really interesting which is the alcohol with honey ! It tastes awesome and there is a vodka with honey which is like 30 plus % alcohol . Bought chocolate and stuff it's like yummy but stomachache ? Pretty funny isn't it ?

Perhaps is too much for the day . Home sweet home about 18 o'clock then heading to bath and fb , twitter and tumblr awhile straight to dinner . Before dinner an uncle came who I don't know him but he knows us ? Anyway, had dinner then back to facing computer . Until now blogging about yesterday's and today's .

Random ;
You should have realize there are tons of way to tell others
I Love You other than in English .
I prefer 'ILY' in Malay tho -
aku cinta padamu or saya cintakan mu .

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