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Saturday, July 17, 2010

ache day . ;X

It's Saturday which mean school gonna reopen REALLY SOON and I'm still wondering what to do in next term . No one new to meet and no one gonna meet me ?
Totally FML !!!

However, today the weather was rainy , sunny , rainy and sunny which is totally NZ weather ! Went to City with the same old people and shopping ! As i mentioned yesterday , am so gonna cut my hair and I did it today . It looks awesome at the back but the fringe is SHORT ! I hate it when i got a new hair style and I just cant get used to it ! Forget about the hairstyle and continue with my journey of the day . Since I spent my day in city and yet I bought a tee and a pants ! I love it although it cost pretty expensive just for it . (credits to Carmen, she paid for me.) Besides shirt, we went to a Japanese shop and get some D.I.Y stuff and I just wondered what I should add for my new table in my room just to hang my Polaroid ! Just get those paper and glue we used around 60NZD for it also credits to Carmen . After that went to had some Starbucks which is our favorite ! I paid for it since she bought the things and my acc just left some money ! ;(

Around 4 reached home, before going back home mum went to see the duty free shop which just like Pv, full of branded . Gucci, Prada, Dior , LV, Burberry, DKNY, RL and etc ... I though of getting a perfume for my wifey but maybe next time ? 'cause my mum was there she stopped me from buying things .

Home Sweet Home and I started my first thing to do which I bought today ... Keyboard stickers filled full with Spngebob faces and still I love it !

Spot it ?
This is my new clothes for my dear Pacman lappy !!!
still wondering I should stick all of them in or just left it in half .

After sticking it, I start with my second job which is my hanger of Polaroid photos .
I used up 3 to 4 hours to finished decorate it which makes me dont have enough time to take a bath ! I know I smells . ;X

scroll down to view my brand new room with the new table I received few days ago ...

#1 :
first spot , the angle from the door .
*ignore the messiness of my bed !*
p/s: i don't make bed ! ;X

#2 ;
second spot from my wardrobe .
love my Elmo ?
it just cost me 2 dollars . ;D

full angle of my table .
width if in 1.2m x 1.2m ...
tall I forgot !
I know it's pretty big to .

#4; spot my D.I.Y ?
I coloured it !
There are more Polaroid but I just can't hang all up it's too heavy !
So i decided to put some .
The middle one is my 9 years buddy !
Ron and Quan .

#5; the accessories corner .
I need it to be full ! buahahhaha

#6; my wire corner and
my love ones, Jackfamily !

#7; my handset stand .
ain't it cute ?

#8; my perfume & lotion corner
which I doesn't touch really much
except my DKNY !

#9 ; last but not least !
my camera and films corner .
There are space for me to get a DSLR and
a Holga too .
(i know I'm greedy !) ;X

5 more months to go and
yes, I can't wait anymore I just wanna go back and hug them tight !!!!

p/s: just realize I never take picture with the gang last year end . ;X

am so gonna save money for a wallet !

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