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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let me be the one,

Day and night
I am always the tired one

but at night
I stay up just late enough
until I am exhausted enough
until I can fall into my bed
and into immediate slumber

because I can't really stand
to lie in my bed in a room
with a lamp on
alone with all my thoughts
for so many hours .
It's just suffering from the dream .

The day was really boring and yes it's totally GAY !
I might now be the white ones nor the blonde girls they want but I have my own life ! As an asia teacher you shouldn't be that racist to your student tho... well, I do hate Science class . The teacher change people places so as I , but she changed the people beside me all away which mean I am now sitting with a girl only . However, usually people will have three to four people in a group ? Gosh, I just hate science class now . ;X Double science tomorrow and yes I need someone to tell me some survival's secret ! The science class I am having now is way more worse than having Mrs.Khang's classes .

I, JessieTan is currently having asian friends more than the whites while I do prefer some whites but too bad they don't really like an asian like me ? I do enjoy my geog class these two days 'cause the teacher was away and tomorrow gonna face him and wearing a mask with a really big eyes on ... While the same feeling I can't wait for my dad's arrive ! am so gonna clean up the house by Saturday morning ! ;X

Wii gonna arrive and maybe a PlayStation3 ? I can't but still internals next week am so gonna be dead from the wrong timing . Dad arrive which mean we are going on a vacation and I gonna skipped school for few days and gonna miss classes and the most important thing is test, exam , assessment ! Seriously, I can't really stand this kind of 'stress life' in here .

p/s: khalil fong's concert ! am coming !!!

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