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Thursday, July 15, 2010

stop being mean to me!

I can feel either ;
guys in tutu look cute !

Day was totally BORING ! woke up in the afternoon and move on to downstairs . Everyone is awake so as my sis , she was heading to fetch Lisa and out to AA for her license . Then around 3 she came back from AA asked my mum to fetch her to movie and party , yet we stayed at home ! I though we are not going out but my mum wanna teach aunty to cook some M'sian stuff so went to her house and had dinner !

Though the day wont be boring but after 11 ; i just love my one and only ' inboxer ' , we chatted and enjoy the plan ! I just appreciate everything he said to me if not I'm so gonna be a loner in fb ! haha I got a new nicknames for the small eye , thunder ?

However, let's say about my shoes . After I post my new shoes in my previous post , Xuan , Fatt and Jing are all like 'OMG ! pretty .' and nobody pay attention to my sexy orange shoes ! but never mind , I will still treat them in the same eyesight ! I love my shoes , babies !

I love boys hot like mexico !
I want you to be a moment like this .

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