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Monday, July 5, 2010

freezing but still i want the taste .

The second day of holiday,
Sad to hear that Argentina lost to Germany . 4-0 ! OMFG, I was looking forward with it but still I never watch the game I hear this news from my sis and the NEWS today . I though Argentina will get the champion but now I think i should support Holland ?
Stop about the WorldCup and start with today's breakfast . Since now it's winter and what we decided to try was waffle with ice-cream for breakfast ! It was yummy but my teeth was freezing just cant even move after with the bite of it ! However, a cup of coffee will helps to recover .
Let the photos explain the taste of it although I'm not with a good camera tho .
double chocolate waffles .
Vanilla berry .

It's really nice and my sis and my mum was discussing where we should take the Phang's family go when they are here next year . =) After the breakfast went to buy some mattress while the sky was crying out loud with it's sniff and tears all around the car park . After that went back home playing along with computer then went out to dinner at aunty's house . Watched '十月围城' yes , it's an old movie but still that's my first time to watch ! It's pretty good i think ?

Finished the movie went back home and computer time . =)
The happiest thing is just to see the 4m's boy are all in bald at the moment and I'm glad yang came and tell me if not I will probably be the last who know about this . I chatted with him , my sexy stud and also my BFFL ! Let's see the bald people's photos .
Yang's bald
it's pretty cute not that bad ?

my BFFL's bald !
he was wearing a cap but he lifted up when I pleased him .
He's cute not that 'egg' tho .
As I promised him not to post in fb but not in blog so ...

SORRY boy .

I love them .

Love was made for us to enjoy; not take advantage of, but cherish, not destroy.

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