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Saturday, July 17, 2010

say fck to my life .

She is just too crazy about him and
it just makes me feel annoy !

Day was totally bored but it's rather to stay in school . I hate school and it just gonna come in two days time .
Well , I did my art work yet I failed ! I ended with some failed stuff which used brown campur with green ! wth was wrong with me ?! Got ruined with it and yet I dont know what to do . I tried to recover it and yet FAILED again ! I was totally frustrated about it and feels like throwing my brushes away and squeeze my colours out and step on it NON-STOP!!!! That was what I though of doing .

Other than doing my art work all I did was typing, clicking , watching and listening ; of course not forget to bite ! Shally came while my sis was out to take exam for her driving license but failed ! It's alright you can still resit for the exam . However, after they reached home . the study room are filled full with Maple Story ! Yes, i didn't type wrong is MS which make three of them crazy but I'm the exception .

I admit I was such a failure in every single thing I have been through ?
not only 'was' but 'am' !

I scanned all the Polaroid photos and yet i called my bro to have a snap !
he's not a good photographer . X;
#1 :
there are hips of photos in my hand just can really tell how many but
it's like over 50 which mean I spent like RM400 on them .

#2 :
this is my scratch book which is now in my room sleeep with my babies .
Before that, my sis took and write something like this ;
which is equal to
Fuck off , Jessie , you suck , but I love you .
she's such a genius which can create new language ...

that day in New Market .
was suppose to post in like last few days but I forgot until today I click click and I remembered .
*ignore my fatssssss*
My sis straighten her hair that day and all done by me with the new straighter we bought in Farmers that day .
p/s: her hair is super duper long !

I'm so gonna have a haircut tomorrow, yet I though of keep it long ?
Still i'm going to make it layer and has a style on it ?
fridge a fridge... what you want me to do to you?
You're pocking my eye again ! ;(

I MISS THEM SO freakin' MUCHY !!!

there I said it. Just makes me feel a bit bit better . ;D

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