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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Board #1 .

hell yeah, I'm finally done with my board #1 .
I've been mentioned it all the time to post my drawings up and never do so but I today I brought them into my computer today and not to forget include my blog .
I still have another board haven't started yet so ...
Let's introduce the things in board #1 .

The tools I used in this board .
ofcz you only see these colours no others .
Art class in here are way too different from M'sia
first but not least we must mix the colour we want by ourselves .

Let's see what's in my board .
Wrapped objects which designed by me
also drew by me .
upper ; still life plus wrapped objects .
lower ; same as the upper one but uglier than then first one .
Rub back which all done by pencil and rub out the some line just to have the effect .
last of the board is monochrome which equal to black and white .
used black and white for the whole drawing which used all my energy to make it clear enough to define which object is which .


I know it's kinda ugly but still these few drawings used up my energy to think about colours and lead to draw them .

p/s : wonder should I cut of my chatbox when no one is writing feedback ?

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