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Monday, July 5, 2010

always wish to et involve but there's a distance .

I should give up ,
Yesterday's ;
I'm so gonna change my style ! Ofcz the 'style' involve with everything - clothing, typing style, the way I speak, the way i sing, the way how i treat people and the way I look at people . Just in a sudden I realize people will change so am I , people will have chance to apologize so am I but I'm the one who tell myself not to just because of the 'face' problem . People always say that there's a problem but they just can't mention it out 'cause it embarrass themselves . Well, I am the people too . I don't like people stairs at me when I'm doing something , I wonder are you this kind of person ?

hmm, the day was alright . Though of going out for a run but the sky just dont allow me to go out of my house . Everytime I prepared and it rains , I wonder why ? I don't wanna gain weight ANYMORE !!! So please my blurry cloud and sky please don't rain tomorrow ! I love you with your smile but not your tears dropping out with some mascara which ruin the white cloud . Spent the dinner with aunty May's family . We speak out loud and laughing all along .. After dinner went back home and doing nothing else but looked for blogskins . I though of changing mine but I decided to put what I want in my sis's blog and I'm still looking out for my blog to have a new clothes on .

I was skype - ing with CarmenPang just to ask things about them and chat along with Jane and Sze . While I was doing that , she came and tell me . I shouldn't be that care about that things 'cause I can't even do one thing . I knew that but still I think i should care about them this was what I though of but now I decided to be like her - Not gonna care anything although I want to , not gonna ask much but live in the life I'm having now . I wonder can I do what i decide ? Things are just too hard to tell and I'm just too lazy to be explain it .


Randomness ;
Everyone know that parents will be the one who trusted you and the one who always support you in everything but there is always an exception in everything . Just like parents don't trust you in some certain things ? Maybe not only parents even your friend will be the one too . You will never know who will be the one who believe you in everything . People wont last long if there's not TRUST and a tiny goal between each others .

You used to be the one who support me , you were the one who tell me everything I want to know but even time goes by you change . Maybe I am wrong and you're right ;

True friends are those who remind you when you almost wrong, and stay with you to help when you do wrong.

I want a DSLR so badly but still need sometime to get it next year ?

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