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Friday, July 30, 2010

delayed post !

It's my very first Winter Holiday trip ! ;)

Dad arrived and the next day we went to Roturua .
First station to the Hamilton Zoo and this place it's not in the plan !
The whole trip is without that much of planning ! ;X
Let's scroll down and I will show you where we went and enjoy the trip . ;D

Before we went in to the zoo , there's a peacock welcome us ! ;)
Don't you think it's huge ?
natural ;)

After visiting the zoo we went to the skiline which is in Roturua .
a cable car to get up to a mountain to play something really interesting ! ;)

in the cable car. ..

we played a car thing i forgot what it called but photos are in my FB ! ;)
After that got back in car and enjoy the view with the green grass about and farmsssss
Hell yeah, we stopped and relax and face the lake ! ;)
the natural of NZ .
the Tan family and yes
blue lake .
the black swans which make me think of the love one .
(TanChu'Swan') <3

Then overnight in the motel named CouchMan .
It provides wifi but don't really have time to use it 'cause we were tired about the trip ! ;)

woke up in the morning next day and yes ! It's freezing but still i love it ! ;)
wanna know how cold is it ?
scroll down and you will know the truth .
the car is filled with ice / snow ?

after that had breakfast with steamboat ! ;X
'cause it was freezing and just love it when it's freezing to have steamboat with the sweet family .
check out and

After that we went to Whakalewalewa .(not sure with the spelling)
Visit the Moari village which is interesting !
let's see the view of that place . ;)
spot the sun ?
it's not other things but the water vapor of the tunnel ?
I don't know how to say so .....

*let's continue*
On the way back to car park and
spot my sexy dad's back w/ my mummy's handbag !
They're sweet couple .

On the way go to Whakapapa to see the tunnel ?

In the park and I saw a spider-web with water and it's pretty ! ;)

Devil's home .
get what i mean ?
well, it's really frezzing there and yes I got sweat after my sis and bro passed me all their clothes ! I'm like those stick rice filled full ! ;X

After that we went to a glass making gallery and hell all it's man made ! ;)

spot this pretty one ?
and it cost like 800 something I think it looks awesome with the lights shine on it !
Mum bought one vase with 3-D trees in it and it's so cool ! ;)

After visiting that we went to had our Shrimp lunch ! ;)
with curry prawn rice ?

after the rush lunch we went to play the HukaFallJet .

Before dressing up
and this is after !
It's like wtf ?

Before it starts
this is the hukafall and we went really near to it !

After the jet I got wet and it's freezing not to mention that !
Then heading to the snow mountain and it's awesome !

seriously, it's my very first time to see snow !
It's the real snow i never know I can see the real and the fake difference .
It's nearly the same thing .
spot the snowing mountain ?
the white dots are snow .
with flash .
w/out flash ! ;)

then heading back to hotel and rest !
After few hours we went to had dinner and it taste pretty nice and is all old fashion in that restaturant . ;D
i love the chairs !
The desert of that day !
WhiteChocolateBrulee .

heading to sleep after the dinner and can't wait to learn ski at the next day .

On the way up to hill !
'cause it snowed the last night and is filled full with snow the next day .

prepare to ski ! ;)

Ski is interesting but still I failed in it !
I fell 4 times and one of the fall I banged to a rock and luckily I didn't get hurt !
Well, I'm not good in things like these but not my bro is like pro in learning things like these .
He learned and never fall down once which is abnormal ! ==

After the skiing we went to see HukaFall !
Yesterday we saw it by jet and this time is by walk ! ;)
walked through the bridge and view it from upwards .

spot it ? it's pretty ! and blueeeee

After that we went to watch the sheep show .
I watched this like 4 years ago and this is my second time and they never change the program is the same !
spot the dogs on top of the sheep ?

After the show we went to play this
the Shweep ! ;)
which you get in the transparent thing and cycle it !
it's fun and after you ride on you , you can't really walk properly and your legs will be shaking non-stop !
I do mean so ...

After the ride and it's time to go back Auckland to face the school on the next day with my tests filled full in this week !

Story end here ;
Sorry for the late post ! ;X

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