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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wish List .

lift me up .
You were in my wish list ;
here you are ...
  • a quite place for my head.
  • be friend with everyone in here.
  • read people's mind.
  • get change quickly.
  • save the world from the shit happens .
  • make the world agree with me without being pushy .
  • wish I'm the cloud that just moves on .
  • relax and let the time fly to year end .
  • time stopped when I want it to .
  • will be in the heaven .
  • good in everything i want to .
  • be a billionaire .
  • sweet dreamer which never wake up .
  • forget about the bads but remember the goods .
  • take good care of everybody who are surrounding around me .
  • be a human which without feeling .
  • there will be a dream machine .
  • not to care what people talk about .
  • a DSLR so badly!
  • etc...
I always want what people have,
that's not good !
here come the EXample :

-People got a small instax camera so I tell my dad I want it .
-they got an iMac I wish to have one .
-he got a close 'girlfriend' so I want to have a close 'boyfriend' .
-students in school are having iPad in class so I wish to have.
-Jing got an iPhone and I told my dad I want an iPhone.
& etc.

I told myself not to be that greedy but still I do so ,
I tried to control myself not to be jealous about what people have . At least I have a laptop , a phone , a camera , a Polaroid and my friends in M'sia . Never want to lose what I have now and I start to be appreciate what I missed last year . I tried to appreciate the time, the smile and the money I spend on just to make things alright.

Life is Like Shopping, there's always going to be something you want to buy but you can't

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