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Saturday, July 24, 2010

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Yesterday 230710 ;
same things happen during day time but something change in the night time . after school , wake back home with Julie and I saw Shally in my house which is normal . She came and enjoy maple life with my sis and bro . After while my sis asked me when do you wanna go and bath don't tell me you forgot today we are going out to karaoke ! Then I ran up to have bath and yet went to city by bus . Hell yeah, it's the first time go city by bus at night which is pretty weird ? Before go to the bus-station we went to fetch Karen together which mean 4 people gonna go enjoy the night ! ;) We enjoy sing out loud in the room but not the food and the size of it ! The food are SALTY , the room is too small can't really move and sing with some action ? buahaha . Well, my voice is getting suck just don't know why I can't reach at certain pitch ! I need to improve it 'cause I wanna go back MY and sing with them not to let them look down at me ! buahaha . *jokes* ;D
back home around 10 and had milk tea after reach home ! Go by car with the fake licence ? ;X well, we do enjoy each others i think ? I've learnt some Korean and yes ! I can't wait to show you what I've learnt !

Weekend ; 240710.
hell yes ! Dad arrived today with uncle Loo and his son who now is our home stay . My dad's arrive and he bought something just like ....
Play Station 3 and a Wii which mean home is now filled full with electronic game stuff 2 psp, NSD , PS2 , PS3 ,Wii , laptops , iPod and iTouch . Well, something left is an iPad and a karaoke machine ! If we have two of these our house gonna have party EVERY NIGHT and yes it's non-stop . Let the music play and no pause button on it .
They arrived at 1pm plus and had lunch at Brikenhead . well, I think my dad lost his weight but he said he gain some ? some little ps here I gained like 7kg from that day I'm in NZ until now ? seriously, FML ! After some hours shopping then went back home and the funniest thing is .... Cooking Mama's cd got stuck-ed in the wii and now we can't really play the Wii ? what a great Wii we had for the first day ?

p/s :Gonna skip school from Mon to Wed and go on a vacation !

Not gonna blog until I get back home,
maybe with tons of photos ?

I want the bitchy camwhorer here .
I want the people play hard here .
I want you to be here . ;X

is just loading.

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