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Monday, July 12, 2010

wondering .

What kind of octopus is that ?
Spain is the winner of Fifa World Cup 2010 !
Netherlands got tons of yellow cards and it just ended up with 9 people vs 11 .

Obviously, I watched the final this morning and it just killing me with the cold weather and a leather sofa ! However, this final just wasted my time to watch the 90 minutes it's better to watch just the additional time . Sleep around 9 and awake nearly 12 , I was awake by my mum's cooking . She was cooking and I just smell from my dream 'cause I was sleep in the lounge . Before I sleep in the lounge last night ...

I refreshed my mind what Jing wrote in my wall of fb . I was thinking where is her lap that she promise ? Whatever ! I woke up then housework time ! Vanessa came and Will went out with James to play Bball . I was planning to go but for a girl to go with boys and their friends will be awkward so I decided not to ! ;X

I fb after the work and I was chatting with SawJingWei, the daogei ! and chatting with the people who were absent from school ? I wish everytime will be like today . whatever it takes just bring it to me ! ;) Day was alright , Carmen straighten her hair all done by me ! =D

Tomorrow gonna go shopping ,
was planning to go watch movie with
Will , James and Frances but I ffk !

I love you, my sexy stud !
I love you, my sor lou!
I love you which you made promises !
I love you , the love one !

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