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Sunday, July 11, 2010

BLONDE / gold ?


Wake up from the laughing voice of Steven and Shally ! hell yeah, they totally wake me up when I'm dreaming something really interesting ! However, I went back to sleep when I replay the songs in my iPod . It always comforts me with a sweet dreams . I awake at 11 something yet prepare myself and went down . My sis's friends are all busy finding food for breakfast yet I washed all the dishes . After the breakfast, one of my sis's friend came and ask me about blenching my hair ? I rejected at first but I feel interesting with it and I went for it !
It supposed to be blonde but I think is gold ?
Let's see the photo below .
used my webcam 'cause I was lazy to take from my camera .

After half an hour, sis and her friends went out so as I .
Will , James , Vanessa and I also uncle Alex went to Albany Mall to watch
'The Karate Kids' .
This show was pretty good !
Jaden Smith is pretty hot but he's too small !!! He got mussels and his hair is just attractive !

Went home around 1938 to have dinner with my mum 'cause she was alone . *poor mummy!*
;X After dinner all I do was just fb, blog, tumblr and tweet! My life is BORING and I'm bored all the time .

Let's see clearly with my hair !
It's just at the site no other places .
It look like gold more than blonde tho ..

day was alright!
7 days more I gonna suffer again ! ;(

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