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Sunday, July 11, 2010

love, is my last word to you .

Count yourself in ,
tell me you love it.

People are chilling around when there's party .
People will taking photo whoever is beside them .
People are with feelings .
People never forget memories when there is photos .
People will filled full when someone is willing to .

Day was filling with some smoothie which is pretty cold and with a feeling of boiling water . Whatever about the day , I just love to chatting with my sexy stud with inbox and the love one today ? although , I'm tired but this is the only time I can meet them up ! So I never care how suffer I will be just to meet them up !

She told me there's only 5 months to go and I said it's like 5 times 30 days . 150days to go when I will be super enjoy with them and appreciate those things that i missed last year but it's never too late to realize things about these ?

orhh, My sis's friend curled my hair just now and it's like MATURE enough to be an old woman ! Totally Korean style yet I straighten it back ! ;)

Short post with some random stuff !
I love my blog ! <3

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