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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Party in the house !

As I mentioned yesterday that my hosue gonna have a party for my sis's friends yet is today !!!
the 10th of July .
Woke up around 11 something , am getting late waker these few days . I gonna train wake up earlier tomorrow . After my breakfast, and around 3 the first guests are ...
Lisa and Shally .
The bitches are all cam whore - er .
loves .

after they came , James and Vanessa came . After like 5 minutes Steven came with his twins brother which not similar at all but it's pretty interested . We're done with the food and aunty May came . The house was filled full around 5 something .
Let the photos do the talking .
Steven ; Lisa ; PeiFen .
Jason ; Carmen .
'dont you think he look like LipHarn ?'
He is just falling into my sis's mat .
(it's totally soft!)
taking from the garden into kitchen .
hell it's freezing outside !!!
ignore my freak face .
I was taking my Polaroid !
Group photo without Karen get in .
people were chilling all around the playroom .

Polaroid time ;
Group photo . #1
'girls' group photo .
Nicole and I .
HellNO, I'm FAT !!!
Group photo #2
Used up 4 Polaroid .

Around 10 plus , all of them went to clubbing but not my sis , Lisa and Shally . They gonna overnight at my house and Karen came after 11 'cause of her job .Steven gonna come at midnight and join my sis . So here I am ....

Day was pretty alright is better than what I though ?

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