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Monday, July 19, 2010

I love you is 8 letters... So is bullshit

So where over the backyard .
Life is totally complicated !

First day of term 3,
just the same old feeling but there are new international students walked around the school which look pretty hot ! I saw a girl from Germany who makes me though of the WorldCup ! Whatever, let's see about today ...

Walked to school but we walked another way 'cause the old one has closed . One shock thing is I got like asthma of something, I can't really breath unless I sit down and calm myself down . I just dont know why when I reach school I'm like dying for the air . However, got settle after a while since I dyed my hair and had a new hair style . People were all like pointing their hair saying 'orhh, you dyed your hair !' and all I gave was 'yeap, I had a hair cut too! ;D' These were my reaction, had all day through and went to tuition straight after school . All day long was tired, boring, cold and confused !

I don't really feel like going to school already and it's just the first day ! FML .
well, phone ran out of credits and text ! I wanna get some reload ! ;X

dad gonna arrive soon ! I cant wait to see him and my extra holidays ! woohoo .
love my family !

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