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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I . miss .

I wish you lived down the street .
I miss how close
we used to be
I hate how far apart
we have grown

I . MISS . US .

I feel like I need everyone else more than they need me .

I hate looking at myself and realizing that I don't like what I see . I hate looking back at things I did and wondering why I was like that . Everyday there's something wrong . Just one trivial thing that can make me unhappy just for a moment . It's like it's not even possible to have a day without one bad feeling !

and I just cant keep living this way . So starting from today, am so gonna break out of this cage , am standing up , am facing my demons . I've had enough, now I'm fed up and it's time to put my life back together now .

I know I am

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