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Friday, July 16, 2010

the blueish girl .

loves the nails in blue .
wants it .

she says :
I want Gucci bag , Burberry wallet , LV tee , Chanel heels , Mont Blanc notebooks , iPhone 4 , Canon DSLR , Couch scarf and a simplest Levi's jean . Other than these dont ever talk to me !

Obviously, I used to be like that ? I want everything branded but still I never get one of them ? except the Levi's jeans tho . Although I want them so badly still I don't mind that I dont have one . At least , I got a proper bag , wallet , clothes , shoes to put on ... Sometimes I just think my family treat me too good until I can't even life by myself and live without them ?

However, The day was blue ... woke up from my mum's high pitch voice ! My room's table has delivered here and it's BIG ! yes, it's seriously big for my room and it makes my room look squeeze and it just not I want . I admit that I'm greedy enough to get whatever I want but still is too late to regret of getting it . Other than my table the carpet my mum wants also deliver by today and it looks awesome in my lounge but not the dining room ? Shally came to my house while we were cleaning the house . Three of them are just addicted to Maple but I'm not ! I used up 2 hours just to clean my room and place my things in the new table and yes it looks really big and cant fit properly in my room .I got scolded when I blame all things on other people and it's all my own fault ? It's okay when I know I shouldn't do so ...

I had dinner with my sis , Shally , Karen and Lisa . yes, it's all my sis's friends . 'cause they are sad for me when I dont really have friends in here . Maybe they are right I really dont have . We had it at WaitingBar and after the dinner when to yum cha which is like what we did in M'sia but it's with milk tea . A cafe where opens until late night which is 2 . They chat along and I sing along with the songs the cafe played which are chinese and I just love those songs except two ?

Home sweet home around 10 , fb , blogging ?

left 3 more days and I'm so gonna face the fact which is school life !
I just hate it for some reasons which I cannot tell at all ?

people, find me !
wanna plan for something .

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