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Saturday, July 31, 2010

We used to ...

dream as if you
have forever ;
live as if you
only have today

Today and forget about yesterday ;
Had the science test andthe news is I didn't realize there's question 5 which mean I will fail in Science again ! I worked not that hard obviously, before the test I didn't study properly but fb and viewing people's blog and not studying the orange Chemistry book ! ;X Heard they ki siao people got through it and yes I wanna watch the live show so freakin' bad ! Wanna see the titanic show "nearrrr , farrrrrr where ever you are ..." and the hip hop show by the form 4s and what gi po gonna do in canteen ! Well, it's impossible that I fly back on that day I gonna have the NCEA exam in 5 or 6 weeks time . I'm not prepare with the exam yet and I can't really get through it should I get over it ?

Had dinner with my family and James' family at Waiting Bar . After that went back home together and Shally came with Anton to play with the wii ! (my wii get fixed) After awhile Aunty May's family came by and chit chat along with the movie on . They had fun and we had fun too ... After they left Shally and Anton stayed and chilling around with my sis until 1 something just heading to bed .
Sometimes listen to the chill stuff they said can be accepted .
At least you know what they are right
'cause they've the experience of what we are facing now .
He told me "If you can't get through the thing then just get over it and face the life in here."
and yes I think what he said is right. Anyway, people will change in their own way we can't make them to be back the old him/her .
I need to sleep. Badly .
I want to.
but not yet .
tossing around in bed is a waste of time .

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