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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

am in love with the street .

Woke up in the morning,
was lying on the bed tweeting via Snaptu . After the relaxing time went to NewMarket to have breakfast which is 'yum cha' ? It's pretty good tho .. After breakfast until lunch we went to WestfieldMall, NewMarket to parked the car and walked around the street .

The streets are full of shops and almost most of them are in closing down sales which is a good or bad thing ? ;X I got some result today which make me genetic enough to say what's up ? ;DD However , I bought two pairs of shoes from NewMarket and two cost like 180NZD ! I'm totally in love with shoes now .

let's scroll down and you will see what I mean about it .
it's NIKE and you'll never see this in MY ,
I think ? ;)

and my very first pink shoe still I love it ! <3
It's a Nike Air Jordan . ;)
This is the reason why I love this shoe of it's inner part!
I just love it although it's in pink !
p/s: this should it's for kids and I can fit it, my leg wasn't that big tho .

Continue scroll down and you will see this pretty shoe which done by me !
This addidas shoe is belong to my sis and
it supposed to have only one tag after
my sis bought extra and from my genius hands !
it just came out like this .
dont you think it's cool ? ;)

I love shoes just dont ask me why ;
I wanna buy more sneakers and converse please . ;D

xuan xuan xuan ; do you want it ?

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