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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

greenish yellow .

Within the the 24 classic colours .
Wednesday, the last second day of June . Year 11 was having special assembly and I got an awards for my English Intermediate high achievement !It's pretty cool tho , I NEVER get an awards in school before except those detention class forms , 'samans' and also community service in SM ! I told my friend about it and he was like 'really ? but you're having a true awards for yourself. ' and I was like 'oh, maybe you're right?' I just realized I never get any awards from school before . My sis always get awards as usual and William got from sports . I never though I was that useless last time and now I get useful a bit ? I was pretty happy about the awards but it's kinda embarrassing 'cause I got it for ENI ? However , at least I got an awards for my secondary life! =)

Thursday, looking forward to the two weeks holiday on this saturday ! Tomorrow gonna have acc test and I'm so worry about it ! How could it be when there's no one revision with me and let me look at the answer ? WTH !!! I need the old people who used to help me . =(
Let's forget about tomorrow and spend the time on my lovely blog ! <3

Scroll down the page ;
Jing remember i told you about the leaf thing ?
Here they are ..
upper one ; Billabong 'leaf' .
lower one ; Billabong 'heart butterfly?'

Choose one which you like the most or I will get you some other things .

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