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Saturday, August 14, 2010

wants to tell you the truth

Life can be simple once you get used to it .

In my opinion, life is simple perhaps I am the one who makes it complicated . Everything just happened and will be happen real soon . Don't you think is too fast? I came here like 6 months and things changed, happened, lost and have been found back to the world . It just came and leave me alone ... I told her shouldn't have compared from me to others or even from one to another. You should put yourself down and mind your own business and be true to your own self.

Seriously, I'm pretty regret of what I did last few years .. I wasted my time on boys, on people's problem, not studying hard, coloured the whole report card in RED and being a busybody of the ones who so call as friends. I never know life can filled full with the regretfulness, the feeling is like you wanted to kill someone but you just kill the one you used to stay closed with . Always wonder what if I had you and forgive myself for being so bad last time ? Everything is just too late to regret, too late to apologize, too late to remember and too late to forgive .

However, things change ; people move on ; just full of surprise.(dont you think so?) There is a distance to tell you how I feel right now. There is a distance to share my love for you. There are some moment when I need you but there is something blocking me from you which is the distance . You know from Auckland to Malaysia there is a huge gap - 5419.44 kilometers not to count in miles. Wonder how's the concert ... my status was 'Do what you willing to if you don't just forget what I asked you to. As you know I never expect much.' I was so angry about some certain thing . FML!


Went to library by bus today. The first time study in library with friends and worked hard with the test which is on Monday and Thursday. Although, I used sometimes to tweet but still I worked well before the couple came . ;( Perception of mine which is not to go out with those sweet couples is like suffering from what they talk and every steps they moved. I will never go out with couple again.. Reached library at 11 then out of the library at 4 , out to have lunch then walked around had NZ natural then stayed in the bus-stop. Bus came get in after 20 minutes home sweet home . One hour later, fetched Will and that guy out to badminton . Left three of us heading to Takapuna to have dinner with the Japanese yummy shashimi and also the banana tempura ice cream . ;) Had a tiring day and also depressing day I never had since I came. Took some photos will upload tomorrow.

I'm S.A.D
S- single
A- available
D- depressed!

I'm 'd' 'cause of some reason, if you don't mind to be my listener
can you pm me or even inbox me?
J the weirdo needs somebody right now . ;X

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