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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I rather stay on my bed and

keep my head under the pillow,
cry out loud and try my best
just to forget everything.

Sky is grey and wind blowing loud just feel like I can get into it and let the wind blow my tears away.. Woke up in the morning, try to finish my art work when I still got tons to do . Anyway, had breakfast and cleaned up the house then continue my works . Physics is just hard enough for me to hurt myself . I clicked into fb and all I saw was ...

Yesterday was awesome ;
We enjoyed yesterday;
hope not to be end ;
It's the happy ending and stuff about yesterday's party .

I was wondering where are the photos and videos that people promised to post? Then I continue thinking negatively, honestly I was angry about people giving excuse and people forget about others but that's alright I just tried my hardest just to forget the past ! About eight hours later, finally I watched the video of them.. They were awesome for the first time as he told me so?

You guys were awesome and hope you guys enjoy in it!


Although I'm not in England but I do feel lonely everyday when you are not around.
Friday, the 13th really is a bad day for me! I knew the truth of someone's love and I get the percentage of how much I mean to them.. That's my Friday, the 13th .
what about yours ?
I believe there is always a little bit of truth behind a lie so as a truth .
"She cried out loud when she was taking her bath,
she was really depressed about some certain things,
she needs someone to be her listener,
she wants everything back to normal like last time and
she wants people care about her."

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