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Saturday, August 21, 2010

All these things I have done

might be wrong.

Don't hide your tears.
Be honest. Are you really happy?
---That's the question.

Most of the people would say this ..
and no one will realize what's the truth in their mind
'cause you can't read people's mind but
just listen from the words they say or
even the way he/she types .
no one will know the truth of a person
when the person doesn't want to say it out.


Anyway, back to the topic -
All these things I have done.

I've done lots of things which I can't remember ... but some are saved in my mind like
- the paper hearts I've done.
- the story I have told
- the money I have spent
- the photos I have taken
- the people I have met
- the place I have been
& etc.
Honestly, I can't tell what I have done so far but I can tell you that I got lots of things which are haven't done yet! Just like ...
- going a trip with the besties
- earn money by myself
- lose weight
- study for the coming mock exams
- think what I should be
- find the one
and etc.

Do you actually remember what you have done so far ?
Think to yourself,
what have you done just for today..
I bet, it is something like fb, taking photos, shopping, chatting, texting and etc .
Have you done something special and something worth ?
Try to think
what if there is 2012 ?
what if there is 'the day after tomorrow' ?
'if' equals to got chance a.k.a ada chance . ;)

therefore, try to do something worth at least one thing each day.
or a thing that you can save the world although
you know there is no way not save it.

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