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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guess what ?

I watched Inception and it was AWESOME !
A movie that never though of ...
Who would like to the 3rd layer of a dream ?
That's amazing if I can ...
When I grow up I want to be the dream architect .
Tried to imagine you can get someone in a dream .

I love this part of the movie ! Don't you this is awesome ?
Like fighting without gravity and walk without gravity !
OMG, i just love this movie .

I don't care you agree with me or not but I do think he's pretty hot .
Joseph Gorden-Levitt named Arther in Inception .
although he is not that hot as Leonardo DiCaprio yet I love him more than Leonardo DiCaprio .
Did you guys watch G.I Joe ?
He was in there too .
He act as the Cobra Commender, do you recognize him ?
seriously, I don't ! ;X

This movie is real good ;
you should watch it !
rate of it was 9.2/10 in the IMDb .

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