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Thursday, August 19, 2010

she tried.

Thursday might be the day off.
things to do when reached home was
switch on the com, eat, fb, tumblr, weheartit and twitter.
Sometimes do some blogging.
is obviously, life can be real boring without these websites.

Anyway, inbox -ed some people and the most impressed one was wifey's . I have no idea I should laugh or angry about the post in her blog or not. She was like commenting on me but in the truth fact and the thing I thought of .. Before she posted that, I already told my dear those things and she is the one who taught me what to do next and be cheerful when the guy who used to like you already fall for someone else. Besides that, also tell the girlish girl that I gave up and not to get over react after listening the truth. Honestly, I got so happy when she told me the truth of 'em . I wasn't angry or depressed but happy which is pretty weird. Perhaps, I really give up and look forward to the real life that I am facing now.

p/s: schedule got changes. Everything back to normal which is 'idk' .

She's tired.
It's really tired.
She just wants to sleep
like real relax lying on the bed
not to think about the coming entrance exams.
which is coming within 14 school days. D;

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