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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who's the Russian agent?

20th August, Friday.
came back from school,
rest and com awhile.
Had bath 'cause I need to rush to watch SALT.
It's not pepper or sugar but salt. ;)

In July, i already told my sis that I want to watch this movie so frekin' bad.
and yes that day I made it!
Watch it at 8pm with Carmen, Anton(thanks for fetching us , dude!) and Steven.
yes, they are all my sis's friends.. as you guys know the truth that I don't really have friends .
Anyway, back to the movie.
Directed by Philip Noyce.
Main character is Evelyn Salt cast by Angelina Jolie.
To be honest, this movie is not that good as I thought
but is in the average... rate in the IMDb is 6-7/10 .

Since I've watched 3 movies this month which are Inception, StepUp 3D and Salt.
The rank in my list is ...
1. Inception
2. StepUp 3D
3. Salt

not to say too bad or too good but it was alright.
Let's be show you some scene..

She was listening to the Russian guy who named Orlov .
He said she is the Russian spy and
the most memorable quote by Evelyn Salt was
"I'm not a goddamn Russian spy!"

After she escape, she checked into a hotel and
try to do her mission which is to kill the Russian president.
*processing to be have a black hair*

After she dyed her hair.
I just love her style!
She's pretty!!!

At the back scene she was trying to get into the secret room
of the white house to
save the world from Ted Winter.

Well, I think that's all for the movie . If i say too much you won't have the chance to understand the whole movie. ;X

I want to watch Despicable Me. ;(

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