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Friday, August 6, 2010

let the music play !

I promised to post about the concert I went on Wednesday the 4th of August and it was in weekdays . If I watch this concert in M'sia I would probably absent from school on the next day but am now in NZ . Things are in an extremely different situation than last time . ;( Forget about that and enjoy the party photos .
The stage without lights on .
this is because i'm not good in taking photos .
I admit it !
Before the concert started, we went there by my dad ride .
Met Jason my sis's new friend who is LipHan's friend .

Party started and Khalil popped out on the stage !
He's awesome and HOTTTT . ;)
with the different effect with the LOVE SONG . <3
He didn't do well in this concert 'cause of his sore throat,
he can't really speak well but sing well !
He is really good in singing tho ...
look at his sexy back !
OMFG, I'm in love . <3
the last but not least he took photos of his fans do include me !

I love the song he sang especially BillyJean and 'wan le' .
The feel just come out and let me refresh my mind of the time we went to RedBox or Neway to sing his songs . <3

love love love .
Music play along with his voice is awesome.
That was a wonderful night . ;)

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