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Thursday, August 5, 2010


I made promises but I just forgot about it until that day the sexy ace remind me and I just realize I always make promises but never do so ...
Start with the T.
I promised him will not gained weight and will be skinny when I get back but I gained weight like non stop until now also the same . I feel like giving up with this promise but we seemed so long never chat so I decided not to give up and work hard !

Second with the sexy ace.
I promised him not to FML but i just did in the conversation between me and him . He was like 'well, you broke the promises ! dont tell me you already forgot about it.' and my reaction was like 'hellyea, i already forgot not within a week ;('

third with the friend.
I promised that I will lose weight within a year and the result I got now is like plus plus plus but no minus . I wonder can I have a square rude ? (iforgothowtospell) ;X

fourth with the girl.
promised him not to give up in everything that I am having now but all I think is just let's give up in it and work hard in the next test . ;X I kept giving myself excuses was awful !

fifth with the group.
I promised to wear skirt when I get back but I changed my mind to 'if they dance I will wear that skirt.' Well, of course not mini skirt , not school skirt but the skirt I think is alright for me ;)

sixth with Jane.
Work hard together and will tell her when am I going back in the first yet I still don't know when I am going back .

I think six promises are many .
Well, I went to Khalil's concert!
will upload about it during weekend if i have time .
dad has gone back . ;X

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