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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take a move .

Step Up 3-D.

Tuesday, sis text-ed me . Let's watch movie tonight while I was in school and I never say yes or no she just bough it . Well, is lucky my sis bought the ticket for me if not I will be regret of not watching it . If you are a person who likes to dance or a shoes lover , you will totally in love with this movie . For those who like movie which has story line I dont recommended you to watch it . Anyway, movie started at 8pm and we were all early to pick up the tickets . Karen, Shally, Carmen and I went together before get in we went to Countdown to get some chips, popcorn and also chocolate . ;)
The movie is in 1 and half hours.. Not many people watch it just some teenagers

Honestly, I don't really like that main character, Luke of this movie
but the cute Moose and the twins !
I love this scene when they are dancing in water with some asians .
Their moves were awesome !
Moose solo which is awesome !

The last battle was real awesome which the LED lights on their clothes and also the nike shoes . ;) I love watching people dance but not myself, I love what people wore on them but not for me .

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