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Monday, August 2, 2010

answer of the symbol ...

Let's refresh the name ...
or perhaps can be call as an orange plus a star from the sky ...

The sky was crying in the morning with the sniff sniff wind. People were walking to school but Will and I were the exception 'cause of my dad came he fetches us to school whenever he wants but we got late into school tho . School got nothing special, I had two free science period and others were rushing for the exams . In week 8 the year 11 which is me gonna have exam to prove weather I can get into the subjects I want or not ? Well, I didn't expect much but a little achieve. It's the first day of week 3 which mean I have only 5 more weeks which is not enough for me just to revise every subjects that I am taking. I do wanna get through but sometimes just cant get over it sometimes. Anyway, gonna work hard with others not to play in class and take nap in class again !

There gonna be a field trip for Geography class and I don't really know one person well in geog class . I am worry about it and how could I live like this again ? I though I got over it already but the truth just can't be define by how you feel. Life is getting worse than I though and gonna be worst !

Homeworks and houseworks gonna be a mess really soon and I mean it. ;(

Random ;
I can be smell like fruits which is an orange sunblock , apple perfume and the new strawberry hand lotion which are all smells !

I miss them so freakin' bad , the feelings come again ...
appreciate what gipo told me in twitter.
Needs somebody like her and him .

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appreciate lots.

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