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Monday, August 23, 2010

chop chop !!

"Have you ready for you coming exam?"
"I'm asking you guys! ready?"
"Half way to go."
"So the final answer is NO?!"
*this is what teachers always ask.*

well, for me I have no idea with it at all. I studied last week but not this week and the day before which is weekend . Everyone is studying and working hard with the coming mocks exams and I'm the exception, I think? I always tell myself that I will be studying at home but HELL! when i reach home the laziness is dragging me apart with the books and the internet is absorbing me to fall for it! ;X

These is what I've learnt so far by today i meant. Maybe I will be work hard tomorrow? Well, I will try get myself out of the internet world face the true world and get rid of the lazy feeling that I have ? I got time to blog, fb, twitter, tumblr but I'm just too busy to get myself into the subjects books. What if facebook is a subject and I will get all achieve with it ..

I got a good news which is I got Merit for my Physics practice test and an Achieve for my Accounting test. Although, everyone got merit or excellent for it but at least I get an achieve as I always told myself 'not to think high or dream high, but face the fact and do your best in everything.' If you never do your best how would everything be pass through ? On the other hand, I'm nearly done with my art portfolio ! left two more colouring and making my own board! ;) It worths 12 credits and I really want it to be an excellent, well as I said dont expect high ! ;X

Anyway, my nuffnang earning as finally gain like RM2 ! Hell yeah, I'm so genetic just because of 2 bucks which not even a dollar in NZD . At least, I gain some right?
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However, I was doing something like this instead of studying books for exam . ;) I know this thingy is for old folks but it's pretty fun tho . Was going to weave a scarf but a scarf with this colour wouldn't it be weird? So my mum decided change it into a pillow case . Am still working with it, if is it works I will make a scarf tho . ;) but if is fail I won't be making it anymore . hehe .

I need you to be right beside me and be my listener. ;X

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