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Saturday, August 7, 2010

am addicted to wasting time .

It's weekend, what are you doing ? - I wondered.
What are you thinking about? - I was thinking about you.
Who is right beside you? - I wish is not a girl but a woman (yourmum).

Saturday is the 7th . Remember what will happen in the coming 3 months time? Not to mention it but just wondering what will happen on that day without my dearest friends in M'sia, my hun in Australia(Perth) and the bitchy nerd in S'pore . I miss them but still there is a distance .

Anyway, I went to city today not with family but friends. Three of them . 2 from M'sia and one form China, GuangZou. They had fun holding hans with their boyfriend and left me and the other girl behind being lesbian and trying to have fun shopping and also eating . Well, I left camwhore apart while that is the only thing I regret and forget about . Both of us chat a lot , eat a lot , try a lot and laugh a lot but not cam whore a lot ! ;X well, that's alright I bet we will have another chance ...

I feel like study real hard for the coming weeks 'cause as I mentioned week 8 is the test and I have no idea where I should start with . Math i know the basics stuff not the excellent stuff, accounting I don't know what they are talking about, science alright but not in chemistry, geog trying real hard, eng being alone is not worth and art still colouring with the 12 credits thing. I know everything need to work hard just will have pay back yet I gonna do so ... However, everything I say and I never do so, just like what I promised . ;( Things are stuck with each other in everything .

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