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Thursday, August 12, 2010

when loves not around ..

Mufti Day!

This is the second time I attended mufti day in this school. It was on Thursday the 12th and is in Day 4's timetable . Geog first and first step into the school the bell rang however first to go is the toilet just to wash my sweat ? On the way, saw people wore something really vintage, punk, emo and normal .. Some asians wear what they call as 'cool' = 'la square' in
M'sia . I forgot the take photos at the first half day but in the last period I met someone who really like to cam whore just like the last time I cam whore around with people in M'sia . ;) Just me and her so have taken like over 30 photos within 30 minutes . ;D Let me introduce you guys ...
JulieHo, the girl I mentioned who likes to cam whore !
math class..
She's a bear . ;)
Novena from Indonesia; J. ; Julie from Taiwan .
outside math class.
Suzen from M'sia, me, Julie and Novena at the top .
ignore my cam whore skill and fats !!!
SumYee from HongKong in my Art class .
Easter from S'pore in my Accounting class.
These are what we call as the M'sian .
three of them are from M'sia the girl at the right side with white jacket is the girl I first met in this school .

However, after school walked home with a bit smile on the corner of my lips . The first time I took photos with Asians only . There is no such thing as white ... As you guys know I'm not that goos in social so i didn't know how to start with 'can you take a photo with me?'

I forgot to take photo with that korean girl who is kinda close with me;
I forgot to take photo with that accounting girls . ;(
I gonna take photo with some whites next time ! ;X
and I gonna take photo with that guy who is mixed !

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