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Friday, August 6, 2010

jealous ...

perhaps, that's alright.

Finished my assessments with the 5 subjects except for art ... I am still dealing with it as I made the aim of it . Had like the whole week internal with Geog and finally I'm done with it which i have no confident in it at all ! Finished my math test got a Merit which is alright but I though I can get an excellent is was easy . Science just as normal the big NotAchieve with a plus beside it .. Besides that, I have nothing interested to post !

orhh, teacher changed my place in accounting class. am now sitting with a guy and a girl . A guy who from Taiwan and a girl who from guong zou . It's pretty boring tho we have no topic to chat about .Well not to forget to mention that I think it's time to take a risk as she said and I think we should have a honesty hour between everyone !

Something impossible happen which is LeeLikHong the bold guy skype with me and chat along . Just can't believe that, the very first guy willing to do so .
Sometimes a call can accrue with tons of things and it can makes someone feel way better and smile which filled full with love .

Jing, bila ialah kamu punya masa lapang ?
Sze, reply saya in inbox .

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