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Friday, August 13, 2010

Thoughts I had .

School's topic is the same ...
- Do you know what subjects are you taking next year?
- are you taking 3 sciences next year?
- you continuing with accounting ?
- taking history?
- what you wanna be in the future ?

People were asking me and I was asking people about it. All about future which is pretty fast for me? I don't even know what am I going to be in the future.. Never though of these things in this short period of time .

Science teacher told us these;
Do what you like and not what you wanna earn in the future. Not to have the mind that you want to have a job which can help you earn a lot of money but you don't like it. Think properly and ask the older to help you with it . Don't force yourself with certain thing .. You never know what you want to do after you are 20. she was saying herself ..

After listen to her I thought of the same problem.. I don't know what I like, I should make myself a goal with photographer or a hair dresser or even a job which is comfort and random. ;L

I'm not good in social
I'm not good in accounting
I'm not good in memorize stuff
I'm not good in helping
I don't like to be locked in a place
I don't like to do jobs which is hard

I am just not good in things and I don't like certain things.. However, what if I just take Physics and what I can do in the future ? What if I hate Geog but I just wanna get credits with it . What if I take History of Art next year? What if I take design next year? What if I give up in accounting next year ?
There are tons of 'what if' in my mind, when I was really young I thought of being a lawyer helping people but I am just not that confident enough. When I was 12 I told my mum I wanna be a hair dresser, she agreed but my dad was like *erhemm* . When I'm in secondary school I started to like the way people capture and the way people have wearing a true smile, sad face or even a emo face to be a photographer but the same answer I got from my dad . My mum was saying want to be a photographer can but make it as a part time job and get a full time job which you like . Then I was wondering what is the job I like until now... the 'job' still haven get into me and I have fall into any job yet . ;( a composer? nahh, i'm not good enough .

I'm thinking too much.

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