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Monday, June 29, 2009

Post for 270609 .

270609 .

She's back !
who ?
My sis baby .
She bought a bag for me n a skinny jeans .
I like the bag damn much !
in dark blue color .
after fetching her .
went back home and help her tidied up her things .
My house is full of things now ..
lol .
damn messy .
After that .
We went to Pavilion coz of Yin Ying's bday @ Red Box Plus .
gave her a surprise by my sis !
mayb shock .
Thn left me and my mum with my aunt .
makan lo .
we had ntg to do .
act wanna go n buy that converse but yet .
when we went up it closed !

"Jing . you going to buy wat color ?
we must be couple man !
chill babee / "

thn walk at the bar street .
until 12 like that went back home .
Done with the day .

x Chill babee .
o Mayb I'll accept .
x I want you right now .
o XD

J e s s .

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