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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm not in tat mood with you guys .

Yea . actions really speaks louder than words !
There's no reason for speaking loudly !

Can anyone tell me tomorrow is our mid-year exam ?
But what am I doing now ? Blogging ? On9-ing ? Chatting ? Sms-ing ? Watching dramas ? Having my time with RC ?
I'm goin to be dead !
Didt even touch the books in my room , my bag , my files , my phone geh notes ..
I wanna scream out loud until no sounds come out !

scream! Pictures, Images and Photos

So can anyone please tell me the time table for exam ?
seriously , i dunno what sub for tomoro . i think is BM and ??
Look in to the contact list ..
Nobody are still on9-ing ..
Nobody cant alk to me ..
Nobody will having fun now ..
Nobody !!
Screw u guys ~
But not including me ..
Until now not even a sound come from my brains !
no studies work ..
i was thinking the world is unfair !
Exam for Malaysian ?
what about other country ?
WTH is this ..
They were jsut having a small test ..
is better ..

Guys i need your help with my Sejarah and Geography ..
anyone ? pleaseeeeee

x I really not okay .
o I think i'm sick ..
x The world is always unfair !
o No fair ! No trust ! No truth ! No answer !

J e s s .

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