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Monday, June 8, 2009

Mayb You're Not Alone .

Sober up and think again .
You're not alone ..


Act , ntg to post tis few days .
Guys . I'm not going school tomoro .
lol ..
Tat Stupid Thang Yi Jing !
promise me go thn ...
Zzzz , call ppl sms me pulak .
So .
What's new ?
Currently having fun with the quiz in facebook .
LOL ..
damn cacat all the answer was like .
Today, I saw the new band of Malaysia .
Guess wat ?
One of them is my mum's friend geh daughter .
long relationship act ..
Their songs were okay .
Guys go n buy their EP.
their band called Pinknoise !
They were rockers ! i think ..

Thanks to you .
Yes , I still love you .
But you have got her . Wunt break !
I knew it .. devide to let go deeply .
But i'm thinking what about the paper love ?
I make it till half ... Babeee .
All my heart is inside. But why ?
Shyt ! i have no idea wat to do .
Mayb I shall say sorry too .

x I'm sorry I didt mean to hurt you .
o Yes , better to be alone .
x No idea at all .
o lol . mayb you're right ..

J e s s .

看,听,想 。
没有一样是没有你的 。
勇敢,坚强 .

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