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Saturday, June 20, 2009

我的愛沒有限制期 ..


We had our Science paper today .

I had study for science .
but wat i study just come out sum ..
most of them are metals , compound .
Fark Tart ! nvr study thn come out la ?
diuuu ..
After sience paper 1 thn seni . tembak !
thn break thn class again .
Students who taking Chinese class have got exam ..
the others in class for 3 periods .
although is bored .
But I used the time for Sciene !
I thought it will come out the chemical again !
and Yes it do came out for it .
But i nvr study for the reproduction of plants .
forget most of them .
Kidneys ? I noe ..
but i left 2 blank pages !
fail my science .. mayb la ..
Maths one on Monday .
I think ..
Is the only hope for me in all tis subjects ..

Grace came bac today ~!
We took some photos today .
and yes! she's darker now !!

* spot Jing's hair ! *

They're mine ! dun even touch them !
The lut grace !

x 我知道已經來不及 但我也不會去說明
o Nvm , I'm okay .
x Babeee .. If i'm goin to die now . wat u guys will do ?
o Jing . Dun tell anyone . pls .=)

J e s s .

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